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Sunday, May 20

Congratulation to the 17 who made it to State this year!  It was a great weekend with lots of drama on the boys side., While we ended up losing by one single point, we should all hold our heads up very high.  Keep in mind that we were projected to lose by 26 points if all went as seeded going in to the meet.  That means that we far exceeded expectations.  We had several events not go as planned, which is inevitable.  With that said, we should not look at any one single event as being the cause of the shortfall. How we deal with disappointment and adversity speaks a lot about who we are.  We certainly lost the close meet with dignity and class.  We can be proud of who we are and how we represent Thunder Mountain.

Thanks to ALL of you who made it a very special and memorable weekend for me personally. I love you all and I shall never forget it... in a very positive way.  -Coach May

Practice Details

Week 13

(May 21 - May 24)

Monday, May 21

Main Gym 4:00 - 6:00.  

Distance: Outside

Throwers: Field 4-5:15 

Tuesday, May 22

Main Gym & Weight Room 4:00-6:00

Weekend Review Celebration right at 4:00 

Distance: Outside

Throwers: Meet in Main Gym

Wednesday, May 23

Main Gym 4:00-6:00  

Distance: Outside 

Throwers: On TM Field 4:00-5:15 

Thursday, May 24

Depart for Anchorage. There will be no practices from here on.  

Those going to State, please be there by 6:10am

State Championship Meet

Be to the airport by 6:10 am Thursday.  Contact Coach May if you will be getting there past 6:13am.

There will be a brief team meeting at 4:00 Wednesday in the Main Gym.

If you are a cross country runner, please start watching the Cross Country Web Site at

Also, Keep an eye out here for the End of Year Celebration.  It is likely to be the weekend of June 9th.

HOUSING!  We are hosting three teams for this meet; Petersburg, Haines and Ketchikan.  The assignments will be given out before practice starts Wednesday the 16th (Petersburg will be sooner as they arrive on this date).  

You will be excused from your classes approximately 1 hour prior to your event.  Please do not leave in the middle of class.  Stay warm, but do not leave the meet without checking out with Coach May.  ALL RELAY ALTERNATES are expected to stay with their relay teams, including warming up with them.

If you are in a relay, please be sure to communicate with the relay captain where you are and what you are doing starting one hour prior to the start.  Make sure you ALL check in together.

Be prepared to pick up your housers when done and bring them home with you.  


We will be announcing the Haines team later this week.  Please let Coach May or Haylee know if you are unable to participate in this meet.

We are scheduled to leave Friday morning, and return Sunday night... next week.