Hello everyone. Welcome to the 2019 season! I will will be updating this website with the 2019 season's new staff info and meet schedule, by 2/19/2019.  My cell number is 907-796-9440. Please feel free to call or text me with any questions regarding this update.


Head Coach 

Dwayne Duskin Jr.


Welcome to the Thunder Mountain Track & Field Web Site!!

Thunder Mountain Track & Field is in its 9th season!  As of this season, our boys and girls have won six and five straight Region Championships. Both teams look to be strong again this year. While our success is the product of training smart, being healthy and having fun (our motto), our focus has been and will always be on personal success and achievement,  We continue to offer a full Track & Field program with Coach Scott May (Head Coach and distance group leader),  Coach Tina Lee (sprints and horizontal jumps),  Coach Kari Tupou (sprints & hurdles), and Coach Brandi Adams (shot & discus). Our team is once again fortunate to be supported by a host of talented event experts and certified volunteer coaches including Volunteer Coach and Jr. National Champion Dwyane Duskin Jr. (sprints, hurdles & relays), US Olympic Trials 400 meter Hurdler Suzi Slater,  accomplished shot & disc specialists Mason Shearer and Sione Tupou, the incomparable high jumper Dr. Richard Welling, and introducing an amazing and wonderful collegiate distance runner.... Beth Gollin!  We are truly honored to have each of these individuals support our team this year.

Thunder Mountain Track & Field hopes to be a “Unified” Team, with the inclusion of Special Olympic Athletes participating as meaningful and valued members of our team again in 2018 (after missing last year).  

On this Web Site, you should find up-to-date information about events and practices, photos, and links to records, as well as other important information relevant to our program. We have found that with a focus on personal achievement, as well as personal goals, our athletes end up placing higher, and become more competitive with time. We simply ask for a commitment, a desire to work hard and that our athletes have fun (the later is a primary requirement). If you are on the TMHS Track & Field Team, please bookmark this site, and refer to it often. 

Scott May 

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For more information, or to contact Coach may. email: Scott.may@juneauschools.org

or call/text 907-723-8138

For further information, you can also contact the Thunder Mountain Activities Office at 780-2074