Must have valid physical on file with the Activities Office that was done any time after January 1st, 2017.  This MUST be in prior to the start of the season on February 28.

Parent Meeting

Tuesday, March 13  5:00 - 6:30 in TM Commons

All athletes need to attend.  Parents only need to attend one each academic year.

ASAA Forms

These forms do NOT need to be done more than one time per year.  Only do these four if Track & Field is your FIRST SPORT this year:

-Extra Curricular Participation Agreement 

-Student Athlete Mandatory Drug Testing


-Sudden Cardiac Arrest

ALL STUDENTS need to do this form for EVERY SPORT (parents need to sign):

-Play For Keeps

     You will have the chance to get this

     and sign it at the Parent Meeting

These forms can be picked up from Coach May, or in the Activities Office

Team Paperwork


-Web Assignment

Team Fees

-$50 Team Fee (check payable to TMHS)

-Travel Fees

      Travel fees will be for only those who 

      travel with the team to away meets.  

      The cost will vary per meet as follows:

         -Ketchikan: $70

         -Sitka:         $70

         -Haines:      $40

         -State:         $100 - $200 (sliding scale)

ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS                   


Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors:

-Must have passed at least 5 semester units of credit during the first semester (Fall ’17)

-Must have maintained a 2.0 overall gpa during the fall semester.

-Must have a “C” grade in at least 5 classes during the Spring Semester in order to compete as well as travel.

-On the pink slip, you CAN have a “D” or an “F” in one class and still be eligible as long as all other classes are at or above a “C”.

-For quarter grade checks - a student can have more than one “F” and be eligible as long as they maintain a 2.0 gpa.

-However, it is up to the parents and coaches to make the final decision as to whether or not a student travels. Those with better grades will be offered travel spots before those with lower grades.


-Seniors who started this school year with less than 19 credits must be enrolled in and passing with a C or better 5 classes.

-Seniors who started this school year with 19 or more credits must be enrolled in and passing with a C or better 4 classes.

The same goes for their grades last semester.  If you started with 19+ credits you only needed to have passed 4 classes and maintained a 2.0 GPA.  If you started with less than 19 you needed to have passed 5 classes and maintained a 2.0 GPA.

If you ARE NOT SURE about your credits at the beginning of this school year, PLEASE see Jake Jacoby, Lori Buzzell or your counselor immediately!